Sunday, 9 November 2008

Final Feedback

This is our feedback from the Final Showing to the group:

U1-32: We know we had not finished the video effects (filters, fades and the titles not all done to our liking). We also missed a couple of shots that would've made it really good, therefore it was a bit short. The main thing though was NO TITLE!!

Now what the groups said:

SOUND: not great soundtrack, they didn't mix (music+video)


MISE EN SCENE: good, interesting location, and nice ideas of putting in extras.

SPECIAL EFFECTS & GRAPHICS: poor titles, some missing

EDITING: needed clearer editing, poor credits, bad fades, nice flowing scenes...

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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Feed Back

We received a number of criticisms for the rough cut of our thriller opening

One of them was that there was Paul saying unwanted dialog while filming, we have corrected this by muting the clip with the undesired language.

Another one was that the rough cut was too short, we have fixed this by putting in more shots we had filmed by not included in the rough cut because of time restrictions.

One issue we could not rectify was the criticism that it contained too much running and no way of breaking up the action. We could have fixed this with another filming session but we were unable to do this. So our thriller opening will be relentlessly fast paced.


Thursday, 30 October 2008

Still needed...

We still need to do a lot more to our opening to make it good:

*soundtracks- we need another one

*effects- sound effects/camera filters

*fianlise the camera shots- finish clean cuts, add all the ones needed

*titles- we should use the "X's" we shot during shooting, and mould the titles around them to make them very effective


Thursday, 23 October 2008

Where are we now?

So far on 23/10/08 we have reached the deadline for our rough cut of the "Thriller Opening". However it is far from finished; it is yet to include "titles", and clean cuts between edits.

But more importantly we have not included all of our shots taken from the shoot, so the ending of the rough cut is a bit too open ended right now, but will be included for the "final cut"...

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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Title List

These are the titles to be displayed over our thriller opening. They consist of the names of our group members, the title of our film, the name of our production company and some random names to pad out our title list.

*White River Productions

*Richard Balfour

*Jordan Moran

* Louis Byrd

* Directed by Nick Hipwell

* Edited by Paul Molloy

* Music by Jordan Moran

* Titles by Richard Balfour


Thursday, 16 October 2008

Shooting Log

All in all we feel the shoot has gone successfully. We have captured some excellent shots, all the ones we planned on from the "Shot List". We did it in our planned amount of time and worked well together and we were able to use the woods as a great back drop to the whole sequence using more than we bargained for...


Shot list

Here are a list of shots that have been taken from the storyboard that we think will be excellent for our opener:

*panning shots- our runner will run across the camera and it will follow in a flowing motion

*point of view shots- from the eyes of the chaser or escapie...

*medium angle shots- shots showing the surrounding areas around haed/torso height...

*low angle shots- along the floor shots, so feet whilst running

*reaction shots- reactions to sounds or movements in the undergrowth

*chase shots- a view of the running character eith from a stationary position or following.

We think that these shots throughout the opening will create a good effect for the audience, and make it more interesting.

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